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August 18, 2022
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Psychologists in Malaysia can offer a wide range of services. Their role is to diagnose and treat psychological disorders. The role of a clinical psychologist also includes investigation and screening of a client’s problem, and they can offer advice on the best treatment option. They work in all departments of teaching hospitals. You can become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia through a postgraduate qualification or by working in a hospital. The salaries and job outlook for clinical psychologists in Malaysia are similar to those for other health care professionals.

Salary range of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

A Clinical Psychologist earns an average salary of twenty thousand Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) per month. In comparison, a Counseling Psychologist with less than two years of experience can expect to make about seventeen thousand ringgit per month. A Clinical Psychologist with ten to fifteen years of experience can expect to make up to twenty-four thousand MYR per month. Bonuses are also a large part of a Clinical Psychologist’s compensation.

Depending on the experience and educational background, a Clinical Psychologist may earn anywhere between RM60,000 and MYR150,000 per month. With a Master’s degree, a Clinical Psychologist can expect to earn an average salary of MYR 28,200 per month. A Bonus of RM3391 is common in this role. Those with a Doctorate Degree, however, can expect to make around thirty thousand MYR per month.

Educational requirements to become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are several educational requirements for becoming a clinical psychologist. First, you must hold a master’s degree in clinical psychology. In addition, you must have the necessary training in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Once you have completed your studies, you can apply for a job as a clinical psychologist. The application process is easy and can be done online. Moreover, you can complete your requirements in as few as three years.

The second requirement for becoming a clinical psychologist in Malaysia is a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. You must also have supervised work experience, including at least 700 hours of direct contact with clients. Under Malaysia’s Allied Health Professions Act, clinical psychologists are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. In addition, these professionals also assist with research and counseling. This makes it an ideal career choice for anyone interested in mental health.

Job outlook for clinical psychologists in Malaysia

The ratio of clinical psychologists in Malaysia is approximately one to nine hundred thousand. This ratio is slightly below the ideal, with an optimal ratio of one to five hundred. Psychologists play a crucial role in the mental health care system in Malaysia. They help individuals with psychological disorders diagnose and treat their condition. There are a number of reasons why there is a high demand for this profession in Malaysia. These factors include the lack of proper mental health tools and facilities in the country and a paucity of properly trained and qualified psychologists in the country.

One of the key qualities needed to be a clinical psychologist is the ability to relate to people from different backgrounds and to express compassion and concern for others. They must also be able to relate to clients and maintain composure under pressure. The job also requires that the clinical psychologist has high levels of stress tolerance. In addition, a clinical psychologist must be reliable and honest. A clinical psychologist should also be able to maintain confidentiality in all situations.

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